Supportive Group

To overcome the troubles of our daily lives, we all need strength and support from the people around us, and sometimes even from outside our circle of acquaintances and friends, as we might be surrounded by friends and family and still feel isolated and alienated.
Why do we suffer alone? Can we really get out of our crises alone? If so, why do we still keep suffering by ourselves and we find no solutions? Why does our loneliness get even worse sometimes?

We seek support and sympathy from others, hoping to find feelings of worthiness and trust, but we sometimes fail to do so. We try to rely on our own resources for years until we are drained out. It is highly important to realize that we do need the people around us as well as their support, but what if we are failed by others and our confidence is no longer there, and we even suspect ourselves to be the cause of all problems?
Sometimes we do not realize that our beliefs regarding the world and ourselves are reactions based on previous judgments of past experiences which we have undergone and are still affecting us unconsciously. When we fail to get rid of these feelings, they continue to influence our present as well as future relationships.

Have faith! Everyone needs a safe zone through which they can feel trusting and secure. The safe zone does not necessarily consist of family and friends; it may be a group of supportive people who share similar experiences, sufferings, and life conflicts, and who are also looking for the light at the end of the tunnel.
We cannot achieve change unless we go through a new support-experience that will turn around our beliefs regarding ourselves as well as others.
A support group is a microcosm of the community where we can test our skills and ideas, take feedback, and discover ourselves through each other in a secure way away from the judgmental and discriminatory behavior which we have experienced in the past. A support group is a safe space for sharing aimed at helping you come out of your bubble of isolation and alienation. It is a place where you feel embraced by others, and from which you can launch to the outside world with greater strength, confidence, and improved set of skills.

  • Regaining hope in life.
  • Focusing on unaccomplished dreams, aspirations, and future goals.
  • Spontaneity, which would help you overcome your fear of setting your creative energy free.
  • Overcoming your subconscious beliefs which control your behavior and feelings and influence your realization of yourself as well as others.
  • Self-discovery and detection of one’s identity, power, and distinguishing qualities.
  • Building new relationships where feelings of trust, security, and acceptance prevail.
  • Unveiling locked emotions and energies which are preventing us from progressing.
  • Establishing new habits and coping skills and discovering your new role in life.
  • Reducing tension, anxiety, and distress and acquiring information on how to find solutions for your problems.

At the beginning, you might feel hesitant and nervous to share your feelings with a group of strangers. You may just listen and with time share your thoughts and experiences. Eventually, you will be able to integrate into your new family.
Our support group makes use of various techniques such as Psychodrama, which helps you cleanse your soul and let go of all of your negative feelings by reconciling with your past, present, and future self.
The group is a closed group, meaning that the number of participants is fixed from the beginning until the end. New members are not allowed into the group once it has been established.
Anyone can join our support group, be it married women, single women, single mothers, students, and women in the workforce.
Any person who wants to work on their fears and conflicts; get rid of past residues and painful trauma; set boundaries with others; find solutions and be aware of their problem; gain communication skills with their children, husband, or colleagues; master self-control and self-management; make life decisions; achieve change; and discover oneself.
There are groups which are specifically created for women, and other groups which are mixed for both genders. This is where fathers, husbands, and young men can join in.

A session lasts for two and a half hours. The total number of sessions ranges from 12 to 15.

There are clear rules to be established within the group, such as respecting the privacy of others, punctuality, listening, non-judgmental behavior, and any other rules which are found appropriate for the group. These rules are set from the very beginning with a view to providing an ideal environment of trust, safety, and freedom of expression.

At an unsteady pace and with confused thoughts accompanied by excessive sensitivity, I began my experience with a closed group of ten women. As our first meeting went by, I started getting a sense of the things we have in common.
The words and experiences of the group members helped me become more in touch with my feelings and things I never cared about. As I proceeded with the sessions and the guidance of the coaches, I was able to perceive myself in a better way. My mind and thoughts became clearer with less confusion and distortion. Let me put it this way: I was able to get hold of myself and cleanse it from all the deeply buried distress inhabiting my soul and overwhelming me with mixed feelings I knew nothing about.
Nisma’s support group has helped me alleviate my pain by addressing the roots of the problem and getting in touch with my past so that I could go on with my life and orient it as I please. Through the support group, I received genuine support, and thankfully, my steps have become more consistent and my thoughts less confused. I have come to realize where all the over sensitivity was coming from.
I thank and salute myself for having the strength and always striving to stand with steadfastness in the face of life’s difficulties. I also thank the distinguished women who were nothing but honest and giving, and around whom I felt embraced and supported all the time. I extend my gratitude for the group’s facilitators, Sua’ad and Suzan (Nisma), for creating this great project which serves as a true manifestation of beautiful human emotion, and which offers tools and ideas that help us live in peace.
No words can describe the value of all the moments and experiences which I have shared with this group, and which I will forever hold dear.

Our encounter was no coincidence. It was a choice made on purpose, and through which I was able to experience what it actually means to find a place and group of people where you can pour your heart out without being judged. This group has allowed me to dig deep into an accumulation of events which I had always considered to be from the past, only to realize that they have always been the reason behind the confusion I am experiencing in the present. This is when I realized that I have to make peace with myself in order for me to be able to rebuild my character and maintain my mental health at the same time. I will always be grateful for Nisma’s specialists, who have provided us with the guidance we needed, using a scientific technique called Psychodrama.
I am lucky to have had the opportunity to be a member of a wonderful group which met in a weekly manner, bringing us closer to one another so that we became as one body surrounded by an environment of familiarity and trust. All thanks and appreciation to the consultants Sua’ad and Suzan. I wish them all the best in this program, which aims at providing a unique service for a large group of the community to reduce the pressures of life and its complexities.
Over several months, I did not miss any session. On the contrary, the sessions were on top of my priority list, as they enabled me to confront the events which left me scarred and wounded and they promoted my faith and self-confidence. To everyone in the group, I extend my sincere love and appreciation. I would not have wished better company to achieve my desired goal.