Our Team

Su’ad Mitwalli Badran

Psychologist, Psychotherapist, and Partner at Nisma Psychological Counseling and Training Company. Suad has long experience in psychotherapy and in treating trauma, particularly victims of the Trauma of Loss. She has helped a lot of women suffering from loss overcome their pain and regain their energy.
Suad offers psychological treatment through modern tools. An example is therapy through Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

Suad has over fifteen (15) years of experience in these areas as well:

Clinical treatment for victims of violence, and trauma therapy.
Trainer in the subject of mental health and intervention in times of crisis.
Psychological support for girls in distress.
Trainer in the subject of human rights (victims of violence and conflict).
Managing and supervising psychologists and psychological support staff.

Suad performs psychotherapy within a context of acceptance, warmth, compassion, and trust. She helps beneficiaries perceive their problems from different perspectives, giving them the chance to identify the causes as well as solutions for these problems, and drawing their attention to the opportunities which may be sought in this regard.
Suad has ultimate faith and trust in her work. She has the ability required to convey her message regarding the concept of mental health through Nisma, aspiring to lead women to enlightenment and freedom of psychological constraints and restrictions.

Academic Achievements:

  • Certified international Diploma in Psychodrama and Group Therapy from IAGP )international association for group therapy and group processes.
  • Certified Therapist and Consultant in EMDR USA 2011 (HAP International)
  • Therapist in Narrative Therapy (Dalwish Center and TRC)
  • EMDR International Co-Trainer.HAP International
  • MA. Degree in International Relations, Birzeit University, Palestine.
  • BA. Degree July1997, Psychology, Birzeit University, Palestine


  • Intensive Advanced workshop Training for the trainers and therapists with Francine Shapiro USA June 2011
  • “Trainer” Study in progress (many courses ) . Eye Movement & Desensitization & Reprocessing to become the first Trainer in EMDR in the Middle East. Trained by Human Assistance Program. (HAP )USA and Europe.
  • (Six intensive Workshops each a week ) in Narrative Therapy theory & practice
  • Workshop (with Edward Reynarson ) using therapeutic protocol how to work in Violent Death in Conflict areas, Presenting group work with Bereaved Women in Palestine in Seattle USA.


  • Crises Intervention Protocol,4rd ed., TRC Ramallah Palestine , 2010
  • Edward Reynarson (Ed.) Violent Death, Group Therapy For Palestinian Family Members after Violent Death. Chapter19, Seattle USA, 2006