Psychodrama is an action form of group psychotherapy, an individual’s life situations are acted out on stage with a support form group members .as it means of expression psychodrama makes use of speech and body language.
The psychodrama stage is a safe place in the presence of the group and under the director guidance, human relation are being explore.
Psychodrama not only explores ones unspoken thoughts and feelings ,but also the situations that have never really happened but could have ,the encounter with those who are really absent ,the projection for the future and different perception of the past and present.

Children and adults ,boys and girls ,men and women – whoever is keen to work out his fear and conflict, or to change his relations with others ,groups are formed from persons of approximately the same age and suffering from similar distress.



A session last for about three hours
The group meet once a week
It takes from 12 -15 sessions