About Nisma

Nisma was established at the end of 2015 in Jerusalem, at the beginning the aim was to increase the awareness on the importance of wellbeing of individuals in Jerusalem and specially among women. People liked it and felt touched by Nisma’s presence through social media platform.

Nisma created the Walk and Talk activity, individuals and media promoted this activity. It was a mix of group therapy in the nature and also networking and getting support of each other, it was addressed only for women. Nisma initiated new trainings such as Anger Management and Know Your Dream trainings.

Become the first services provider for individuals, couples, families and organisations seeking high quality, affordable, nontraditional and out-patient psychological/spiritual health services.

Nisma is a private service agency dedicated to improving the quality of life for Palestinians in general and Jerusalemite in particular by providing counselling and treatments that tackle daily pressures and access practical strategies to improve their wellbeing within and outside organisations.